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Parkmore Pirates Under 13's




For every game played there are at least ten adults required to fill volunteer places. At the end of last season all roles were emptied and we need parents to help out with the following roles:


Assistant coach - 
Team Manager - 
Trainer (First Aid)
Runner - 
Umpire escort
Goal Umpire

Water carrier x 2 (Must be between the ages of 12 and 16)

We also need some more recruits for the team as we jump up to 18 on the field every year.

What to bring/wear on game day

Guys, here is a file that lists what we should be bringing on game day.


PLAYERS - What to expect on game day

  1. Arrive one hour before the start of the game.
  2. See the Team manager and sign the team sheet.
  3. Collect your jumper from the team manager and put it on.
  4. Get dressed for the game.
  5. 40 minutes before game time - Light Stretch
  6. 30 minutes before game time - Pre-game warm up with the coaching staff
  7. 20 minutes before game time - Coach pre-game address
  8. 15 minutes before game time - Full Stretch
  9. 10 minutes before game time - Meet umpires
  10. 5 minutes before game time - Final words from coach
  11. 3 minutes before game time - Run out on ground. Coin toss.
  12. 2 minutes before game time - Quick run throughs
  13. 1 minute before game time - Take up positions
  14. 0 minutes before game time - Bounce of the ball. HAVE FUN!

Volunteers - What to expect on game day

It is assumed if a volunteer or official is not available their role will fall to the Team Manager first and the Coach second.

  1. Pre-game - Have 2 copies of team sheet prepared and ready (Coach or Team Manager)
  2. Arrive one hour before the start of the game (All)
  3. All players and officials to sign both team sheets (Team Manager)
  4. All players must have correct uniform (Coach and Team Manager)
  5. Officials must be wearing correct bibs (Team manager)
  6. Home games - Give 2 match footballs to the umpire (Assistant coach)
  7. Half time give team sheet to umpires (Team Manager)
  8. Keep score for both teams (Team Manager & Timekeeper - Team Managers say is final!)
  9. Record goal kickers (Team Manager & Timekeeper - Team Managers say is final!)
  10. Record final score and cross check with score board (Team Manager)
  11. Check in with umpires after end of game to make sure all is ok and there are no reports or disputes (Team
  12. Manager)
  13. Collect all team sheets from umpires (Team Manager)
  14. Enter scores in to Sporting Pulse by 4pm game day (Coach)